The Tiger

Zodiac Animal in Chinese Character

Born 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Tigers represent bravery. People born in the year of the Tiger are friendly, brave, competitive, and charming. Tigers tend to be very active and straightforward. They have lots of confidence and luck, which makes them good leaders. They will often work in large companies where they can shine and be promoted easily. However, they are also prone to be irritable, overindulgent, and boastful. 

Your 2022 Prediction:
Get ready to roar, Tiger! Get out of your comfort zone, focus on self-enrichment and challenge yourself to make the most of your opportunities. Your money success rests on you grasping new strategies—new methods promise opportunities for your career, business and wealth! You may be feeling stressed and have some insecurity at work, but as long as you pay attention to details, all should be fine.

You’ll also stand to gain more than expected if you expand your social circle, but be aware of insincere new friends—usually you can smell a fake, but this year you may be tempted to trust the wrong person. Every effort will count in your relationships… the key to avoiding a love or relationship crisis is to stay sincere and make good on promises.

from Stacey Leong Design