The Horse

Zodiac Animal in Chinese Character

Born 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

The Horse is known for their invincible spirit. They are fiery, warm-hearted, and generous. They always have friends around them and can get along with pretty much everyone, even though they have trouble keeping secrets. The Horse is straightforward and focuses on appearance, so they are always attractive. Open-mindedness and positivity are strong traits for the Horse, but that can also cause them to lose focus and not complete everything they start. People born under this sign are clever, energetic, fashionable, agile, popular, and great at persuading others. However, they can also be selfish, arrogant, and over-confident.

Your 2022 Prediction:
In 2022, the Horse can expect promising career prospects, wealth and exciting love experiences. All the hard work that you have been putting in will finally give you fruitful results. Beware of dishonest people at work… tempers could flare in the Tiger year. You are generally too free-spirited to get involved in petty office politics, and that’s useful now. Your neutrality will minimize potential conflicts before they dampen your mood. Remember to maintain a good balance between career and personal relationship/love life. 

Horses will have good health fortune in 2022, and physically are strong and healthy. However, personal emotions and spirit may not be very optimistic and high so you will need to consciously stay positive and everything will fall into place. 

from Stacey Leong Design