“truly fulfilled our intent”

We created the Koa Society for the foundations of Hawai‘i Pacific Health as a way to show our appreciation to community supporters who are the most generous donors to our network of medical centers. To honor these donors, we set out to create a look that was clearly defined. We also were passionate about having the design reflect the beauty and prestige of koa wood as it is respected in Hawai‘i. Our design firm truly fulfilled our intent in giving the Koa Society a unique modern look that captured the importance of this new program. The wood image that is featured on the  brochure cover and membership card comes across as an artistic piece. The rich grain texture and it’s patterned elegance are beyond an illustration, it instantly translates the distinction of the Koa Society. The complete communication package, within the scope of this work, exceeded our expectations.

This packet of materials has been very well received by our donors and admired by everyone from our executive leadership to our staff. Besides the look and feel of these collateral pieces, the function ideally meets our needs. When we explain to donors what is included in the packet and how to use the pieces, it is clearly understood. Upon receipt of the packets, donors are enthusiastic about enrolling in the program. We have also had inquiries about whether we are making these packets available for others and if people could share them with friends, which we found to be very complimentary of the product. Overall the Koa Society collateral has been a real asset to our efforts.

Communications Director,
Hawai‘i Pacific Health Foundations