The Sheep

Born 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

The Sheep represents solidarity, harmony, and calmness. Sheep are docile animals, so they ask for little and prefer to be left in peace. In the flock, Sheep will hold their leader in the greatest esteem. In history, Sheep coexist with humans, often migrating with them. This gives the Sheep endurance and a diligent spirit. There is an iron will and enterprising spirit under their soft and fluffy façade. Sheep are not impulsive; they consider, analyze, and complete all their projects. They come off as gentle and cultivated, which makes them well liked by others. 

Expect trying times in 2017 because of the Rooster’s demands—hard work and accounting for how time and money are spent. Do your best to comply passively, curb spending, donʻt attract criticism and be careful of what you say and do. Basically, 2017 is a year to stay out of the limelight and keep out of trouble wherever possible. Continue to be passionate about your career and set higher career goals— keep busy with work and do not give up hope, your rewards may be slow to come, but they will arrive.

From Stacey Leong Design